Starting Somewhere New and Knowing No One

After I got through my first year of high school, made a solid group of friends, and even joined a lacrosse team, I had to transfer to a new school because my family was moving. I felt like I was starting high school all over again, but this time it was much more difficult.
During freshman year, almost everyone is new. People are more outgoing because they want to make friends. As a new sophomore in a high school, I felt very alone for the first few months. I had a difficult time making friends since most of my peers already established their friend groups during freshman year, like I had at my previous school. I had solid family support and a great group of friends from my previous school, but at my new school, I felt completely alone and no one seemed to even notice me, let alone try to be my friend.
After a few months, I began to push myself to try out for new clubs and teams. I eventually tried out for the lacrosse team and made it. Although the upper class team members knew each other, the freshmen and sophomores were brand new; this worked to my advantage because I was new, too. I quickly became friends with the freshmen and sophomores and eventually the upper class players as well. Although it took some time to form strong friendships, I eventually felt accepted and valued.
Even though it took effort on my part to put myself out there and meet new people, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. If I had stayed in my shell and refused to try new things, I would have been lucky to make one friend throughout the rest of my high school career. My advice is to put yourself out there and try to meet as many people as possible, you never know what could happen or who you might meet!


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