Challenge of the Week

Week two

This week, our challenge is for you and a TCP partner to create a Take What You Need flyer and post it somewhere in the school. Make sure to take a pic of your flyer and post it on the site! 

Week four

This week, our challenge for you is to pass out the candy messages to your peers. You can do this to the degree you’re comfortable with, meaning you can pass them out to friends, classmates, or schoolmates you may not know. We’d love for you to take a pic of you and your partner (if you choose to have one) with the candies and put it on the TCP website. (Just be sure to only post pictures of TCP members!)

Week five

Our goal this week is to have each of you find some way to spread positivity in the school. It could be a small compliment or acknowledgment to someone you don’t know well. Something as simple as going out of your way to compliment someones’ shoes or something larger like telling someone you appreciate their positive attitude. Whatever it is, try to make it real and genuine.

Week six

Our challenge to you this week is to post the positive post-its we you made this week somewhere in school (on a bathroom mirror, in a library book, on someone’s locker, wherever!). Make sure to take pictures of where you hide your notes and post them on the website.

week nine

What we’d like you to do this week is check out some of the other You’re Not Alone stories that your classmates and other classes have posted. They’re not very long, and they’re really interesting to read! If you see one that you relate to, leave a comment or like to let the person know. You can still post new stories if you haven’t gotten to put yours up, but the focus this week is on checking out others’ stories.

Week ten

This week our challenge to you is to extend our conversation about coping to your friends outside our group. The idea is for you to ask a friend something like, “So when you’re really upset or bothered about something, what do you usually do to feel better?” It might be easier if you let them know that we’ve been talking about this in this group, and if you went first to give them an example of things you do.

week eleven

This week, we’d like you to let someone else in your life know about a strength you think they have. Or, follow up with a member of the group to share more about a strength you identified in them.