Born a Mistake

I remember growing up feeling like I was a mistake. I was born a half sibling to two sisters on one side of my family and a half sibling to five other siblings on the other side of my family. I never felt like I belonged anywhere because everyone had the same mom and dad and I always felt out of place. It really caused me to doubt myself a lot and try really hard to fit in. I did not understand my purpose in life and really struggled in middle school and high school with valuing my own identity and sets of experiences and not thinking of myself as a mistake.
It was not until I high school when I really began to embrace my uniqueness and started to appreciate my own talents. Often times, we look on the outside for approval, but I have found that my true struggle was loving myself. Once I began to do that, I became more confident in my own abilities and doing things I never thought I would. I was no longer afraid of being myself and that was the best thing I could have ever done. By embracing my distinctiveness, I realized how amazing I was and that continues to be a powerful thing for me today.


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